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October 2017 Minutes
Meeting was held on October 03, 2017
Minutes recorded by: Tammy Tucker
  • William & Tammy Tucker (Host)
  • Brian Alger
    Michael White
    Cody Meridith
    Sawyer Key
    Michael Allen
    Ian Allison
    James Hall
Old Business
  • Covered last month's minutes
New Business
  • Discussed and scheduled vertical practice at the Tucker's this Saturday, Oct. 7th; 10:30 a.m.  We will be trying to plan a trip to Hidden and Black especially for new cavers.
Trip Reports
  • William gave an update on CRF trip Labor Day weekend.  Described a high priority pool project.  William has been trying to schedule times to go, but housing is an issue.  So, no new trips until 2018.  If you want to join the email list of interested parties, let William know.
  • Ian gave a trip report on Chimney cave.  He went with some people from the Pecos Valley Grotto.
  • Ian is going to Little Manhole this week.
  • Family trip to Parks Ranch.  Michael Allen, Sawyer Key, Brian Alger, and Michael White gave trip reports.  Also went to Doc Brito.  Brian reports that the younger members of the trip went through the pinches with ease.
  • Sawyer Key reported on a trip to Parks Ranch with her father the weekend after the Family trip.  The road was really muddy.
Upcoming Trips
  • Possible newbie trip to Hidden and Black as soon as we can.
Next Meeting
  • Nov 07, 2017
  • 7:00 PM
  • Michael White


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